Added by on 2013-01-24 Great Actions !!! Great Fight !!! Must Watch!! Great Actions !!! Great Fight !!! Must Watch!! Video Rating: 0 / 5

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  • Lucas van der Geest 1 year ago

    I am still watching the footage and I must say: that drag is set too light! They catch a first glimp and somebody is already screaming “100 kilo”! It’s a big fish but it is also NOT 100 kilo.

  • marionetemanJ 1 year ago

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  • Arip Akmal 1 year ago

    CnR is the way to go bruhh :D

  • jay sayakou 1 year ago

    yes max 30-50kg

  • ธเนศพล บุญไพศาลดิลก 1 year ago


  • tayida tae 1 year ago

    แต่ชอบภาษาอิสาน คนบ้านเดียวกัน

  • Nepo35 1 year ago

    Great catch

  • MyFLAVIO1970 1 year ago

    About 55 kgs, appear to me…

  • goriokun 1 year ago

    0:04 neo lib lib~~

  • Tony Giap 1 year ago

    thats not a catch… the guy with the net is creditted… u need to reel it in urself andpull it up urself

  • goalieshiv 1 year ago

    you my friend are either blind, or stubborn.

  • bkkfishingtour 1 year ago

    Thanks dude!!! :)
    The most important of fishing is the moment we fought the monster fish and landed it with our own hands. It hard to describe the great feeling that day. “Priceless”:)

  • CastorTroy2323 1 year ago

    No offense mate. I was just in Bungsamran 2 days ago n got a 90kg. Mb my guide has underestimated d size of my catch, but definitely mine looks much larger (5:22 comparison). However, it’s a good catch u got there nonetheless. Not easy to hook n land d fella of tat size. It must hav been a pleasurable suffering. :)

  • bkkfishingtour 1 year ago

    I’m already 90KG , height 1.86m tall and a averg adult person.What you say dude ???

  • CastorTroy2323 1 year ago

    Pure exaggeration… tat’s not 100kgs!
    At most tis is only 40kgs.
    100kgs is nearly as long as an average adult person.

  • bkkfishingtour 1 year ago

    Thanks mate !!! :)

  • Shahniera39 1 year ago

    Whoa!! that’s a big one dude!!