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tributary to Penns Creek — catch and release stream—- had fun fishing with my 6 foot 2 wt bamboo fly rod and Vernley Trout Reel—-always fun to do some creeping in my Aqua Design fish camo shirts—— © 2010 2Bonthewater Guide Service — all rights reserved Video Rating: 4 / 5 Various clips, photos etc….from some wild trout fishing adventures in Berks County, PA…….music is royalty free and given proper credit at the end various bug photos, fly photos and plenty of wild brown trout photos……… Don’t ask for the creek names……..not giving them out !!! Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • 2bonthewater 1 year ago

    I don’t think I walked into any of the pools……….I put myself in a position to land the fish in water that was deeper than one inch and try to keep them from bouncing off the rocks………thanks for watching !!!

  • Fishinrebel10 1 year ago

    Why do you keep running into the pools when you catch one? But nice video and nice fish!

  • townkevin59 1 year ago

    The BEST 2 Streams closest to the Pa State line, are Chautauqua Creek in Westfield, NY, and Cattaraugus Creek in Silvercreek, NY. They are world renowned as “Steelhead Alley”, and the fish are plentiful & BIG!…No worries of crowding, plenty of room, and everyone is generally very friendly.

  • 2bonthewater 1 year ago

    Nope………my rugrats keep me close to home……..I’ve been in Berks County PA since 2001 or so………I have all intentions on residing somewhere near Penns Creek…….but, that will take a few years to map out……….the only time I head to NY to fish is the fall…… chase salmon and steelhead…………what streams should I be looking for………you can send an email or whatnot…….as not to CROWD your waters !!!

  • townkevin59 1 year ago

    I used to collect antique fishing equipment, such as reels, rods, creels, and flies, and I have tied many in my day. I thought that was an older set-up you were fishing with. I things were more quality made back then. I live in Western, NY (North of Warren, Pa)….Do you ever get to fish any of our streams?

  • 2bonthewater 1 year ago

    Thanks for the nice comment— The wind is howling hear in PA also…….all depends on what the video is—but for something wild and rustic….why mess with the best soundtrack in the world…..Mother Nature………I agree, the flowing water….the crackle of the drag on a 1930s-1940s Vernley Trout Reel sounds amazing…………thanks !!! I plan on attempting to do a few more vids this year…….

  • townkevin59 1 year ago

    It makes it more pleasant to watch your video with the natural sound of the rushing stream…too many others upload their vids with annoying loud music, which I believe ruins the enjoyment of watching. Thanks for uploading. This made me want to grab the ole’ flyrod, but the blowing snow is rattling my windows with blizzard conditions….Damn it!

  • BCdipper1 1 year ago

    those people are probably talking about really well fished rivers, the most important thing to do is aproach the shore slowly and low,stay back a bit, fish dont get spooked by line or flies nearly as much as shadows above the water(they think ur trying to catch em), so do this and cast soft, if ya dont hook one right away they arent feeding hard

  • 2bonthewater 1 year ago

    I started out with a big bushy dry–think it was a green drake– landed a nice brookie on it–then nothing……switched over to a CDC caddis and stayed with that

  • ImBentley 1 year ago

    What flies did you use in this vid?

  • 2bonthewater 1 year ago

    stay low….a drag free drift works at all angles……check out these videos…..
    Ozzie Ozefovitch

    and the Leisenring lift–as mentioned in a video by Gary Borger

    and most importantly–take the tips you’ve read–the videos you’ve watched….and hit the stream–and FISH–try new ways–new tactics–etc–it is not so much about making the perfect cast–but getting a good drift without spooking the fish

  • Julius Gonzo 1 year ago

    I don’t understand…all the tips I’ve read say you need to be downstream, casting diagonal upstream, so the fish won’t see you in their “visual cone”. Yet here you are fishing diagonal DOWNSTREAM toward whee the fish are presumably facing…??? What gives ?!

  • AffluentStudio 1 year ago

    nice creek!

  • L1feisg00d 1 year ago

    Great video!  Luv Fly Fishing in PA!

  • 2bonthewater 1 year ago

    samster, all depends what you are going after?? Go to my website and hit the Contact 2Bonthewater bar……..send a more informed question and I’ll help you out the best I can

  • samstermexican 1 year ago

    i just started fly fishing what type of flies would u recommend

  • 2bonthewater 1 year ago

    not my area……….I fished the Lehigh way back in the day……near Jim Thorpe while I was working in that area……….couldn’t even begin to tell you where to fish oh the Lehigh……………

  • BMunich16 1 year ago

    Hey, I know you probably don’t enjoy giving free information away, but what can you tell me about the Lehigh River in the way of wild trout? I wanted to fish the bike path 10-15 miles in at Jim Thorpe where there is absolutely no road access and was wondering if there were even trout to fish there? Thanks, and much respect for fishing my local waters!

  • 2bonthewater 1 year ago

    thanks for the kind words !!!

  • chilidan 1 year ago

    That is beautiful water and some nice fishing. Would love to spend a few hours like that. Thanks for sharing.

  • 2bonthewater 1 year ago

    thanks…… is generally very quiet and peaceful………..well, less the mosquitoes

  • 2bonthewater 1 year ago

    I just don’t understand how you could hit the dislike button??? that makes no sense to me…

  • Icehut 1 year ago

    Lovely, lovely, lovely water, thanks for sharing this little gem. Two days till the season opens here… going slightly nuts lol.

  • 2bonthewater 1 year ago

    thanks for all the kind words……….

  • tserfass9 1 year ago

    I pulled a 16.3 pound native out of an old septic tank last winter

  • Hussain Qureshi 1 year ago

    I live in bucks county to just moved here can u tell me some places to fish for trout

  • BMunich16 1 year ago

    Bucks County here too, Carbon County is a little less than an hour drive and that is by far the best wild trout waters I’ve fished, you can literally pull your car over wherever you see clear water and catch brookies. That is, if you can deal with the ridiculous foliage.

  • 2bonthewater 1 year ago

    call the SE Region of the PFBC and ask for the local WCO to give you a call……you can also go to the PFBC website and do a search for class A waters… will bring up a PDF file that lists all the class A wild trout waters of the commonwealth

  • Robbie Wieder 1 year ago

    i live in bucks county it would be awsome if you could point me in a good direction to some good streams around the area that have some wild fish

  • danny ortiz 1 year ago

    hello im new to area an looking for few spots to fish at can any of you guys help me out im down by northampton pa looking for few spots to try an fish at thank you all

  • MrINFINITYairsoft 1 year ago

    A great wild trout stream is in a little camp called Little Lyphord Pond Camps near Moosehead Lake in Maine. You get a wild 12 inch brookie on almost every cast.

  • 2bonthewater 1 year ago

    SE PA is not a wild trout mecca……….other counties have many more waters…….but, if you know where to look… can certainly find them…….

  • AffluentStudio 1 year ago

    Tranquility of the creeks water sound and catching the wild trout always amaze me

  • TruckeeRiverFisher 1 year ago

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  • 2bonthewater 1 year ago

    Just noticed it is BLACK or BLANK from 0935 to 1010 = 35 seconds of nothing……..not sure why that happened, so sorry about that !!!!

  • 74granster 1 year ago

    I caught a 15 inch brookie with two flys in its mouth in nc

  • 2bonthewater 1 year ago

    wild brookies ROCK…..especially when you catch them in SE PA !!!
    I can’t give out the stream name……….I can’t give out the location…….I sent you a message, check your inbox !!

  • BMunich16 1 year ago

    I know it’s in Berks, but would you mind telling me what stream this is a part of? I just went fishing the feeder streams of the Lehigh river and caught some wild Brookies. Very exciting. I have to do it again… Also I love your website, it’s very cool to have a guide service for rivers within miles of my house.

  • 2bonthewater 1 year ago

    It is in Berks County………..check out my website for more fishy pictures……flies, snakes, frogs……etc……. thanks for watching

  • BMunich16 1 year ago

    wow I live in Bucks County I’d love to know where this is